White River Ducks produce pasture raised free-range duck eggs that are both GMO and Soy free.  They receive NO growth hormones, no antibiotics at any point in their lives. We believe that happy, healthy ducks that are free roaming on pasture will produced a superior egg for our customers. Raising ducks this way is not easy, but we believe you can taste the difference in our eggs.

White River Ducks are assigned a hut at about 8 weeks of age and taken from the nursery out to pasture where they live their lives with 40-50 other ducks – their community and cohort group. The huts are opened during daylight hours and the ducks roam free traveling up to 50-60 yards a day, but always under the watchful eye of our guardian dog Ruby. Before dark the ducks are closed into their huts for safety. The huts are equipped with a solar panel to charge the security wire at night and lights in the winter time. Additionally the huts have rain water collectors for the ducks that they access from inside the hut by way of a watering tube with nipples.

Each morning after releasing the ducks from the huts, we collect the eggs, clean the nesting boxes and move the hut to clean ground. This practice not only helps us spread around the natural fertilizer, but goes a long way toward keeping our eggs and nesting boxes clean, and avoiding contamination issues. Ducks are natural “rummagers” and hard to keep clean in a “penned” environment. We believe that free range and pastured ducks are healthier, cleaner, and this is why we have virtually no health issues with our ducks.

It should be noted that White River Ducks share the Nieslaniks farm/ranch with a flock of sheep (White River Lamb). Lambs also are raised on pasture and are certified grass fed. These two species are compatible and help the overall farm sustainability. Ducks are important in preventing liver flukes in sheep, and do that my interrupting the life cycle of the fluke, and eating them as slugs. It’s a wonderful symbiotic relationship. Additionally the duck manure makes great fertilizer for pastures, and is spread evenly by daily moves of the huts.

Miss Avery Lake is the flock spokesperson for White River Ducks.  Follow her on Twitter at @whiteriverducks   Additionally Avery's eggs are marked with a special stamp. If you are lucky enough to receive one of Avery's eggs we will post your picture on our Facebook page, along with your comments about our duck eggs.